Every time that I’ve been to Lomography, I’ve been drawn to the amazing array of second-hand cameras that they have for sale. When I was there on Friday, I asked Aida to let me know if they ever got a Nikon FM (in black of course) in stock. I also kept looking at the collection of Olympus Trip cameras that they have on display.

After a lot of soul searching, I’ve finally decided to get one. So, off I went, back to Lomography. Again.

On the way, I saw that something was going on at the Cathedral of Barcelona. They were having some kind of couples dancing competition in the square outside the church. Amazing.

Next detour was to the Chicken Wire sculpture by Antoni Llena.

Homenajeo a los Castellers – Homage to The Castellers

It’s a tribute to Castellers, the traditional Catalan feat of building mind bogglingly tall human towers. I saw the sculpture during my first week here but, it was surrounded by barriers put up by the maintenance crews who were working on the paving stones in Plaza Sant Miquel, the square in which it stands. Thankfully, today they were all gone.

Finally, I got to Lomography. Would you believe it, it was closed. Maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t buy an Olympus Trip. Then again, of course it was closed, it’s Sunday. No shops are open on a Sunday.

After a break for something to eat and to basically gather my thoughts, I decided to phone the kids. Tried Charmaine first. As luck would have it, she was out with my grandkids but, Rob answered. Told him about my thwarted attempt to buy an Olympus Trip. I was expecting him to confirm that the shop being closed was an omen for me not to buy one. The complete opposite happened. Not only did he tell me to get one, he came up with a brilliant idea for a future article. Take the same photos with both the Olympus Trip and my Nikon D850 and compare the two. But not just from the perspective of the photographs produced by each camera. Also use it as an illustrative analogy comparing the anticipated gratification of the twentieth century and the demand for instant gratification today.

Brilliant idea! I’m going back tomorrow to get one.

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