Florian and Marga are scheduled to take Marga’s parents out for lunch. This is the second time in as many weeks that they have done this. I love that about the pair of them.

They very kindly insisted that I join them.

We went to Canyet, a small town in the hill region to the north-east of Barcelona.

“Can Rubiates” is yet another one of those places that, if you didn’t know about it from friends etc., you would never go there. It’s a family run restaurant established in 1964 and is now being run by the son and daughters of the man who originally set it up. Marga is good friends with the wife of the son who is basically in charge of the place. Marga and Annabel (she is Argentinian) met at a yoga class and have been firm friends ever since. Annabel and her young daughter joined us for the meal.

The cuisine is traditional Catalan and utterly delicious. I had rabbit cooked in a very similar way to Cypriot tava. We also had a wide selection of starters which we all shared.

The food, the company, everything was amazing.

After we dropped off Marga’s parents, we drove to Sagrada Familia. The cathedral is surrounded by a barrier and flanked by two cranes. After a very long hiatus, the Barcelona authorities are trying to finally complete the construction. It is expected to be finished in 2026.

Sagrada Familia. Still a long way from being completed.
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