As usual, I’ve let my hair get too long and messy. The last time that I got it cut was on Saturday, 7th December i.e., the week before I left the UK.

Going to a nearby launderette a couple of times, I stumbled across a traditional barbers.

Manchado Barbers Shop (established in 1994) is on the corner of Carrer de la Diputacio and Carrer de Girona. It’s a one man operation which probably explains the two and a half hour siesta and closing at 01:00pm on a Saturday. Actually, all of that is rather common throughout Spain and most of the Mediterranean countries. Well, maybe not the 01:00pm closing on a Saturday.

The guy who cut my hair was probably in his late 60’s or early 70’s, couldn’t speak a word of English and yet made no bones about letting me know if what I wanted would not look right on me. He is a true master of his art.

I wanted to take his picture but he somehow managed to explain to me that he didn’t like the way that he looked in photographs. Such a shame, I thought that he looked amazing. Especially in the little world that he had created for himself and his clients. The shot would have made a great addition to my “People” gallery.

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