Went back to Lomography because I wanted to take some photos of the place. It really is that cool.

Properly introduced myself to Aida, the girl that works there, and told her about my project. She not only let me take some photos of the shop, she also agreed to pose for me a little bit.

While I was there, a pro photographer (Guillaume Salafranque) from France turned up. He uses a medium format Bronica camera and was having problems with the shutter. It seemed that, whatever speed he set the shutter to, the camera only fired at one speed, which was way too slow. I got the impression that he was also having problems with light leakage. Had a nice chat with him about our respective photographic interests and a little bit about European politics.

Aida is a really cool looking girl and is also very interested in photography. It’s really great when you go into a shop and find that the people working there are actually interested and involved in what the shop is selling.

I was really hungry by the time I left Lomography and was wandering around looking for somewhere to eat. I wanted something filling, relatively familiar and, reasonably priced. I found Bacoa, a hamburger restaurant on Carrer de Ferran.

If Carlsberg did hamburger joints……

Has to be one of the best burger joints that I’ve ever been to. There are a few branches scattered around Barcelona.

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