Leap Year Day in Barcelona. Who would have thunk it!!

Florian and Marga are going to a party tonight which is likely to be a bit heavy. This means that they don’t have time for us to go on one of our jaunts today and, they will be too trashed to do anything tomorrow. Bless them for being the great friends that they are, they insisted that we go out to lunch instead.

Went to an awesome Chinese restaurant called Shanghai Stories on Carrer d’Aribau. As usual, I let Florian order only adding a beef with noodles stir fry to the list. Again, as usual, Florian didn’t disappoint neither with his choice of dishes or his choice of restaurant.

Usually, we share the bill but, they refused to let me contribute this time. They are amazing friends and I’m really going to miss them both. This kind of connection is really what I needed. Spending half of December and all of January travelling alone, with no real friends, nobody even to properly hang out with, yeah, it was driving me nuts. This is why I changed my route and, instead of heading south into Spain, I came east from Toulouse to Barcelona.

After the meal, we went to a really classy, old school cocktail bar which wouldn’t be out of place in Fleet Street or anywhere else in the traditional parts of The City of London. Quite fittingly, it’s called Ideal Cocktail Bar and is also on Carrer d’Aribau. This time, I insisted on paying for the drinks.

Marga playing at using the old school phone booth in The Ideal Cocktail Bar.
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