I’m leaving Calais tomorrow and I still haven’t done my laundry. Not sure if Geoff will call today but, either way, I need to get this done. Get up early and hot foot it down to the launderette. I’d checked it out previously so had a rough idea of how everything works. Luckily, there was a couple there from Yorkshire. They helped me so I didn’t mess the whole thing up.

They’ve been coming to Calais for the last seven years and are thinking of retiring here. They have a caravan which they keep parked here and just come backwards and forwards from the UK in their car.  Nice couple. That’s what Calais has been like for me and I genuinely believe that this is what Calais is like. People are just nice. I mean, this couple tell me that the majority of friends that they’ve made over here can barely speak English and yet, they hang out together, have dinners together, basically do everything that friends and neighbours do.

Just as my laundry is finishing, Geoff calls. Dunkerque is on.