Ever since I arrived in Calais, I’ve seen the same old woman, up and down Rue Royale, begging and generally scavenging. The other day, I saw her with a wooden tray of fruit and veg that a local shop was probably going to throw away. At night, I see her and her husband (I guess he’s her husband) sleeping in shop doorways. They’ve got bedding and blankets and, when it rains or is damp, plastic sheeting to keep them dry. Occasionally, there’s a younger guy nearby. He has a guitar case so I can only assume that he makes money by busking. Tonight, I saw him sleeping in the shop doorway while the older couple has basically set up camp for the night on the pavement next to him. Are they his parents?

These are not refugees or asylum seekers. They are Romani Gypsies living on the streets.

I really don’t understand this lifestyle choice.