There’s been one major development/breakthrough in my mission to get the other residents of this house to be more sociable. Actually, that’s not very fair on Fred. She is very sociable. Always smiles and says hello, always tries to have a conversation with both and Nashide. She’s just very busy.

There’s nothing that I can do about Denis, he has the excuse that he’s busy in his workshop and, at the end of the day, he’s a fifty year old man. You can’t expect someone who has had so many years to become set in their ways, to suddenly change. No matter how much encouragement one may give them. So, my efforts have been focused on Nashide.

She is indeed very much a Turkish nationalist. And, she has the Turkish mentality to go with it. Hardly surprising because, as she told me, many of her family members are in the Turkish military. She comes from North East Turkey and her ethnic roots are Laz, an ancient race (dating back to the First Century BC) remnants of which can be found in Georgia as well as Turkey. She has some ideas which I find very hard to comprehend and accept. For example:-

“Cyprus is divided into two nations. This is a physical fact that must be accepted. We went there to protect the Turkish people of Cyprus, not to invade and occupy. If we wanted to invade, if our agenda was to occupy, then why did we stop where we did? Why didn’t we take all of the island?”

Echoes of the words put out by Erdogan and his inner circle.

“There is no proof that the Armenian genocide happened. This is propaganda by the Armenians, a dishonest people. This propaganda is so strong that, here in France, we are not allowed to question its truth. It’s impossible to find any books or articles which say anything different.”

Armenia was a neighbour of the ancient kingdom of Lazica i.e. the Law people from whom she descends.

“How do we know that the Jewish Holocaust actually happened? Again, as with the Armenian genocide, it is impossible to find any literature which says otherwise. I have found a couple of books and one author said that only a few hundred thousand Jews died in WW2. Not the six million we are expected to believe without question. The author suggests that the Holocaust story is propaganda by the Jews so that they can get money (in the form of reparations?) from the West and so that they can get Israel. Which they did do and, they do receive money, even today, from France. How do we know that he’s not telling the truth? We’re not allowed to investigate this. We must accept it.”

I showed her the photos from my CasaPound article.

“This cannot happen in Turkey. We have no fascists in Turkey. I hate fascists.”

If not a fascists regime, then what the hell is Turkey!

Obviously, I’ve tried talking to her about these things and I’ve tried to explain to her that, not only is she very wrong, I’ve tried to explain why she is wrong. Occasionally, I feel like I may be getting through. Who knows. Maybe she just wanted me to shut up.

But that’s not the development, that’s not the breakthrough. Today, I tried to set up the back-up process on the MacBook using the LaCie external drive. Failed miserably. Despite a very long telephone conversation with Rob, not only could I not get it to work, my MacBook could no longer even see the LaCie drive.

I resigned myself to finding an Apple store in Paris and taking the MacBook and the LaCie drive to them first thing in the morning. Went downstairs where Nashide was generally milling about and told her my problem. She must have seen the troubled look on my face. She told me that there is an Apple store nearby and, she took me there. It’s in the next town along, Rosney and, it’s in a Westfield shopping centre. Yep, they have them here too.

Everything got sorted. But, the point is, my relationship with one of my fellow inhabitants of this house went up significantly. Happy Days!