It’s my last day with Denis and the girls and I must say, I’m going to miss them and this place. I’ve tried my best to get them to socialise a bit and I think that it may have worked. Delphine is trying a lot harder to communicate and Fred and Alexandra are trying to encourage and keep this new social vibe going. I’ve discovered that Delphine used to be a nurse but long hours and very demanding work (she used to care for the elderly in some kind of old people’s home) got too much for her so……….she turned to set building at EuroDisney. Still long hours and still physically demanding but, she works for a few weeks and then gets a couple of weeks off. During her time off, she goes back home to her boyfriend and her very large Golden Retriever. Whom she clearly loves very much. The dog, not the boyfriend. I joked with her about this because she showed me lots of photos of the dog but none of her boyfriend. Her answer was a grin.

Delphine is a really nice girl, they all are. Older than I’d originally thought (possibly late twenties or early thirties), she seems to want all of the normal things that we all want from life and, she is willing to put in the work to get them. She and her boyfriend, he’s a welder, are saving up to buy a place nearer to Neuilly-sur-Marne and her work.

Fred and Alexandra are very cool and have added me on Instagram and Facebook. I hope to keep in contact with them both.

Nashide remains a bit of an enigma. We definitely hit it off, I have no doubt about that but, when I gave her my contact details, she made no move to reciprocate. She gave me a lift to the train station, she is also leaving the house today. Apparently, the refurb work on her apartment has been completed.

The train journey from Neuilly Plaisance to Gare-de-Lyon was without incident or hassle. From there, I got a taxi to Austerlitz. Only 1.5km away but the fare was over €10. Yet another demo meant that the streets of Paris were, yet again, gridlocked.

I had a two hour wait at Austerlitz, mainly because we left the house too early but, what with the demo and Nashide wanting to get to her apartment, there was nothing that I could do about that. While waiting at the station, four soldiers walked in clearly on patrol. These soldiers were from the specialist anti-terrorism unit and were fully armed and fully battle ready. Machine guns cradled in their arms ready for easy access. It freaked me out. Seeing armed police everywhere is bad enough, but soldiers? Am I in a war zone? I know that there have been lots of terrorist incidents in Paris, we’ve had our fair share of them too but, we don’t have armed soldiers on patrol anywhere in domestic environs. I don’t think that it’s even legal in the UK for military personnel to be deployed in civilian areas at a time of peace.

By the time I got into Limoges, and up to the third floor attic space (with all of my very heavy luggage) which was to be my new home for the next week, I was tired and hungry. It wasn’t even 07:00pm yet but it felt much later. Anyway, I dumped my stuff and went out to find somewhere to eat.

Le Bistrot de Leon, six weeks in France and this was my first proper French meal in a proper French restaurant. Delicious but, at €60, it will probably be my last. Way too much garlic for me anyway.