Went into Paris again today. This time I wanted to see the Latin Quarter, Montparnase, the Left Bank and, the Jewish Memorial behind Notre Dame. So, instead of going to my usual stop of Auber, I got off at Chatelet-les-Halles. Walked through the gardens, past the sculptures and Agro Paris Burse. Onto Rue du Pont Neuf and across the River Seine onto the island that is the home of Notre Dame Cathedral, the Ile de la Cite. It’s one of the two remaining natural islands within Paris and is where the Medieval city was established.

Despite all of the cool things that I saw, it was the amount of homeless people that, yet again, made the most impact on me. That, and the Jewish Memorial. Yes, the photos outside Notre Dame depicting the restoration work, are stunningly produced and rendered. Yes, there is amazing art seemingly everywhere. But, why so many homeless people?

Started a new project for the website. Head shots of total strangers.