I spend my days working on the protest article (It’s proving difficult because I feel very little sympathy for any of the causes) and this journal. I go out for walks in the local area to get some air and to have something to eat, usually my trusted baguettes. On Sunday, 2nd Feb I went into the town centre at night. After walking around for ages looking for a place to have a meal, I settled on a steak restaurant called “Meet the Meat”. The food was OK, but I think that it was only OK because I didn’t order correctly. The waitresses were helpful. They tried to help me choose, but the bloody language barrier was still up. Unlike Limoges, there are loads of tourists here, so why no effort to be able to speak to them in a universal language? I don’t get it, I really don’t.

Regardless of the language thing (thankfully, both Jeremy and Mathilde speak good English), I’m enjoying my stay in Toulouse. It’s a pretty city that seems to be designed for people to get out and socialise.

Today, I felt a bit claustrophobic so, in the late afternoon, I went into town. I had nothing specific in mind, I even left my camera behind, I just needed to get out and see people.

The weather has changed a little. It’s still bright and sunny but, it’s a few degrees colder.

A bit too cold to be sitting outside. Hey ho, just me and my ever-present journal.

The cold was beginning to get to me when, purely by chance, I found a Gaumont cinema (that’s name from the past if ever I heard one). Went in to see “Birds of Prey”. The editing is purposely erratic, I hope it’s on purpose, to reflect Harley Quinn’s chaotic mind. It kind of works.

 The girl at the popcorn stand spoke really good English. It wasn’t very busy so I had the chance to have a little chat with her. Turns out, she studied fashion design at Westminster Uni, at the same campus as Ricki but a number of years later.

Florian has been in touch. I’m going to Barcelona. He has his own business providing general maintenance services for owners of tourist apartments. He’s sorted me out with a place to stay in the heart of the city.