I can’t thank Jeremy and Mathilde enough for being so kind and helpful and generally welcoming. Unlike the previous idiot, as soon as I asked them to help book a taxi, Jeremy was on the phone and it was all organised. I have a taxi coming to pick me up tomorrow morning at 11:30am.

So, tonight, I took them out for a meal. OK, they TOOK me………but I paid. Jeremy chose a really cool tapas style bar (because I told him that I like tapas) called “Le Delicatessen”.

The place was really good fun and the food was excellent. They have a quiz thing going in there. Five or six multiple choice questions come up on their AV system and you mark your answers on little slips of paper. If you get all of the questions right, everybody at your table gets free shots!

Woke up Friday morning to find a lovely little note from them. Such nice people.