Just as there were no Coronavirus measures for my journey from Barcelona Sants to Zaragoza Delicias, there were none on the return journey either. Which, after the last twentyfour hours and me and the rest of the family basically crapping ourselves for the next four to five days…………………yeah, it really pissed me off. Basic sanitation procedures would be so easy to implement but no, let’s wait until a whole nation gets infected before we do anything! Case in point, Italy. They had the first confirmed cases on 30th January. By 21st February, there were so many confirmed cases that the provinces of Lodi and Padua went into lockdown.

Anyway, the train journey was straight forward. Even though I kept thinking about my trip from Toulouse to Barcelona exactly a month ago and meeting Amy from Shanghai with her huge box of face masks. Prescient? I don’t know.

Arrived on time and got a taxi to my new home on Passeig de Gracia. Turns out that it’s less than twenty meters away from one of my regular little spots, Tapas Tapas.

Only had to wait a few minutes for the agent’s rep to turn up and let me in. This flat is managed by another of Florian’s clients, a company called Top City.

Anastasia (the Top City rep) is Ukrainian and was evidently very keen to do her job well. To make sure that I knew where everything was, how it worked and, that I knew all the rules. But, while she was going through her scripts (actually, from the moment that she saw me outside) she was eyeing up my luggage. Not the first time that I’ve had this reaction, I have got a shitload of stuff after all. But that wasn’t it. As she was winding up what she had to tell me, she blurted out,

“are you a photographer?”

I was very pleasantly taken aback. It transpired that Anastasia is an aspiring film maker. She has studied Film here in Barcelona and has worked on a quite a few small, low budget productions. Her hero is Stanley Kubrick. She totally freaked out when I told her that Florian had been involved in the making of “Eyes Wide Shut” and that he had actually met the great man.

She showed a lot of interest in what I’m doing and, what was in my camera bag. So, I showed her the D850, which she very gingerly and somewhat reverently held, and gave her one of my cards.

We parted ways with promises to meet up soon for a coffee or a beer and to talk film.

It’s great to be back in Barcelona!

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